Our mission is to serve the public good by educating nurses who are poised to deliver quality patient care with a kind and compassionate attitude. We aim to create a challenging but nurturing learning environment that encourages high expectations for success. Our goal is to attract both students and faculty who strive to give their very best.

In the end, we want Florida Academy of Nursing (FAN) graduates to be in a league of their own so that they become strong assets to those healthcare organizations that hire them.


Service Commitment

Whether we are servicing our students or whether we are training our students to service their clients, we place an emphasis on making a positive difference in each life we encounter whether directly or indirectly.  We prepare students to develop life-long strategies that promote positive, professional nursing outcomes in service of the public good.

Accountability & Integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to upholding high standards and demonstrating integrity in every interaction. We have the same expectations of our students while they are part of our academy and even more so when they leave our halls to enter careers in professional nursing practice.


We work together to meet the needs of our students and to help our organization succeed.  In this same vein, we are preparing students to effectively contribute as members of diverse, interdisciplinary healthcare teams.

Respect for People

We value our staff, faculty and students.  We encourage and support their development and reward their efforts. We value every perspective and every contribution in promotion of a shared governance model. We promote cultural sensitivity and encourage our students to behave in accordance with the principles of good global citizenship.

A Will and Desire for Excellence

We exhibit a strong will towards achieving excellence in every endeavor and expect the same of our students and graduates. We promote a culture of inquiry and evidence that is demonstrated through our commitment to learning excellence through scientific inquiry based on the nursing process, evidence-based practice and cumulative, interdisciplinary experience.


At Florida Academy of Nursing, we recognize that our most important asset is our people—our faculty, students and staff. We seek distinguished and interesting people who are both passionate about nursing and equally well qualified to train the next generation of nurses. We support both academic and clinical excellence in our students by providing an unparalleled educational experience. We utilize innovative technologies to make learning more accessible, recognizing that each student may have his/her own unique learning style. We celebrate the diverse and unique skills of our people and their contributions to creating a dynamic learning environment. Our commitment to our students and alumni, is our legacy.